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Tye Vocale

Being a scholarship recipient has helped me on several different platforms. Respectively, these include educational, career, and, personal benefit. The largest benefit I had received from being a scholarship recipient was being able to complete my studies without the added worry of covering costs of necessary items needed to complete my degree such as textbooks, stationary, computing needs, food, rent, and other bills. More so, having a scholarship has meant that I can dedicate more of my time towards my studies and do the best that I can.

Mentoring was such a core and essential part of my education and life throughout university and high school. Without mentoring I strongly believe I would not be where I am today. With mentoring support I was able to complete my university projects, assignments, and exams. I was able to set goals and take steps towards achieving those goals. 

Throughout my degree I have been involved in many different leadership activities and experiences that extends to a social, sporting, and, educational perspective. The best thing that I have done to date was taking the lead and forming a platform at university where all Indigenous students could come to support. I was the founder and director of an Indigenous student collective for my respective campus.

I am currently working full time at one of the largest professional services companies in the world that is also one of the big four. I am specifically in Technology Advisory and Assurance within Management Consulting. I am doing what I am doing now which was made possible with the support and mentoring I received from IYLP. IYLP taught me how to network, how to be a better leader and most importantly helped me overcome the hurdles that I faced whilst studying.

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"The support of my family, mentors, the School of Indigenous Studies and the Indigenous student body, along with many of my lecturers and peers, was fundamentally what kept me focused and motivated " Micah Kickett

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