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The success of our scholarship programs can also be measured in terms of the personal growth and development of the students. Their active participation in activities and their leadership skills demonstrated at school, in their local community and in wider forums within the state, nationally and in some cases internationally, are tangible measures of their successes.

The measure of success can also be seen in the positive influence graduates have on their siblings, who will often become achievers at school and apply for scholarships to boarding schools outside of their home region. The experience of leaving their home community to study at a major centre like Perth and to stay in a boarding school environment builds resilience, develops the ability to ‘walk in two worlds’, teaches cross-cultural awareness and provides these students with employment opportunities. They become ambassadors for Indigenous Australia and role models for their families and communities.

The statistics below provide evidence of successful outcomes.

Secondary Students

  • 2016 36Students started year 12 35Students graduating 17Going to university 11Apprenticeship/ Traineeship / TAFE/ Bridging course 5Employment
  • 2015 36Students started year 12 36Students graduating 30Going to university 4Apprenticeship/ Traineeship / TAFE/ Bridging course 2Employment
  • 2014 28Students started year 12 28Students graduating 18Going to university 8Apprenticeship/Traineeship / TAFE/ Bridging course 2Employment
  • 2013 23Students started year 12 22Students graduated 13Going to university 7Apprenticeship/Traineeship / TAFE/ Bridging course 2Employment

Tertiary Students

  • 130Tertiary students currently on the IYLP scholarship in 2012
  • 22Students left on the Madalah-managed IYLP tertiary scholarship in 2015
  • 108Students have been awarded the 3 year IYLP scholarship to date
  • 78Students are continuing their degrees (most degrees take up to four years)
  • 9Students are completing their Honours Degree
  • 15Students have successfully gained employment in their chosen field

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"The support of my family, mentors, the School of Indigenous Studies and the Indigenous student body, along with many of my lecturers and peers, was fundamentally what kept me focused and motivated " Micah Kickett

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